Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sejarah Mengajar Kita

Salam. Sekadar renungan. Bila menilai sesuatu, nilailah dengan ilmu. Dan pastikan ada ilmu tentang apa yang dinilai. Belajar, kaji sebelum menilai (menghukum).

Bila Raja Saudi memulakan projek Telegraf dan Telefon sekitar 1920an, ini petikan satu research

"This system could give him a chance to communicate with his regional governors and military leaders. But that was not an easy matter to do with Al-Ekhwan and their religious leaders.

The king’s decision brought him to a clashing point with the religious conservative group regarding the essence of this system.

The key concept in modern communication technology as we know it, is the capability of carrying human voice and a picture (data) over a distance with or with out a physical connection. This concept was not an easy matter to be understood as a scientific phenomenon for the religious leaders. Their interpretation of it was that it is the work of devil or something with a magic origin." 

- Dr. Hamza A. Bait-Almal (2000). Transfer and Development of Modern communication Technology into Saudi Arabia: A Conservative Model.

Belajar berilmu.


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